updated: 9/27/2019
Pictures and info from our trip that I wasn't able to post during the summer.

Pictures are in no particular order.
Also, there "are" videos so look for links "between" the xxxxxxxxxxxxx's

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Our front yard at the trailer in Chicken

Another view of our front yard at the trailer in Chicken

The inside of our Shelter in Chicken near the end of the season

Nancys garden some time in June

A look at the stage of Chicken Stock

Another view at Chicken Stock

two pictures of Fire Weed

The stove that fits over the burners on the propane stove in the trailer.
this is how Nancy bakes us cookies, muffins, and stuff in an oven.

Me sitting inside the kitchen at our camp on the river.

Entrance to Pioneer Park

We found this giant raven at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.

At Pioneer Park they had actual cabins from early pioneers in Fairbanks.
each cabin had the history listed and all but a few were converted to little shops.

Nancy noticed one of the older tour guides in period costum,
sitting in the window of one of these old buildings,
using a Kindle

Around the middle of August the weather turned a bit cooler.
Below is the temp at about 8:30 in the morning (Taken after it had warmed up about 10 degrees).
and a picture of frost on the hovercraft which by the way,
I had to take on the river that day and it took almost ten miles before the ice on the wind sheild melted.

While waiting for the ferry at Dawson we saw this paddel wheeler.

This was taken on the up in early May

This is Serge. He was our helper for most of July.
Also, this is the 6 inch dredge with the new floats, new winch, and improved heaters.

Dan and Serge at the Kink.
this picture was from just before we hiked up 'above' the kink to do some prospecting. and yes, we found another side creek with gold in it.

Three more pictures of stuff we found at Pioneer Park.
It was a cool place we plan to go back to and spend a little more time there.

This is our shower tent after a wind storm up on the river

A view of the new water heater I tried out this year.
It worked well in June/July but not so much in August.
I'll be trying to find some 90 degree joints so the flex pipe can be reduced
and I'll be adding a second one of these on the other engine.

and now 6 videos. These are the raw footage so they may or may not be easy to follow

Landing the hovercraft in spring at the bridge after the very first test drive

A view from inside the kitchen tent

Some Caribou we found while going up river on the South Fork

Parked in the river and dredging on the North Fork

At the end of the season as I took apart the camp. I found this.
our camp after a wind storm

View of a land slide a few hundred feet from our camp

A sample of the years finds.