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$38,000 OBO for the package (Cash and/or Gold accepted)


You get the hovercraft, trailer, dredge, and claims for one price.

I will be in Chicken Alaska in spring (Late May of 2023) to help the new owner(s) get hovercraft set up for the season, unpack and set up the dredge, and show you where claims are.

Also, I will do introductions to other miners on the river.

Although minor repairs are needed on the Hovercraft and trailer I already have the parts and will ďhelpĒ in doing the fixes.

Although I wonít spend the season with you, I will help the new owners to make sure everything is up and running at the beginning of the season including some short lessons on driving the hovercraft.

Other than what is listed below there is no other cost for this package to the new owners.

This is a package deal. All you will likely need is diving gear, camping gear, food, and fuel.

For safety reasons and to help with the equipment I strongly recommend you bring a helper (or partner) as my back and hip arenít what they used to be.

Reason for selling: Health and family situations plus I have two of everything (Time to reduce the amount of stuff)

For additional info or questions call Danís Cell: 262-347-6632 or email (Iím Central time)

I prefer to talk rather than text but however you contact me Iíll do my best to answer your questions.

Please DO call me with questions as this is a rare opportunity.


Just a FYI: If you're really interested let me know asap because I'm filling out the APMA permit for next year ('23) within the next few weeks (before 12/24).
This permit lets the DNR know who will be working the river in the coming season and by getting your name on the permit now may save you some $ if we end up making a deal. Get my contact info from the link above.


Hovercraft Info: 


Dredge Info: 


Claim Info: 


Other Info: 


FYI about this opportunity:

Itís been a while since I posted this opportunity and Iím getting similar questions so Iím adding this section to help others who may have the same questions. Also, as I get other questions that I think are of value, they will also be listed here.

Q: How much gold is there? Or, how much have you found?

A: There is no short answer to this question. Iím retired and donít need to find any gold to pay my bills. When I head north it is to have fun and good adventures. As a result I work when Iím in the mood and enjoy nature and the area. When I do work it is generally 3-4 hours a day. With two exceptions in the past 10 years, I have always found enough to pay my expenses for the summer and have a little left over to put away for the future. But for those who need an answer I usually average from 1-2 grams per hour and sometimes reach 2-3 grams per hr. Sometimes I do better and sometimes not as well. Also, I have on several occasions done one oz per 8 hrs effort. As with ANY gold producing river the amount found depends on where you look and how much effort you put into it. I donít give any other answer than this because 1; itís the truth and 2; anyone who gives exact numbers (in my opinion) is usually stretching the truth or lying.

Q: How much of the claim has been hunted?

A: Simple answer, I donít know. There have been miners in this area for the last 130 years just as there have been miners in many other places for the last 170+ years. All I can do is give the new owners a map (hand drawn by me) showing where Iíve been and where Iíve tested and show them where I think there are other good deposits. Based on how much hard pack I have found in the past and, after talking with some old timers in the area I would ďguessĒ at least half seems to be untouched but I canít guarantee that, no one can.

Q: Where is the Hovercraft/dredge located? Is the equipment in the lower 48? Can I buy just one of the items?

A: Everything is currently in or near Chicken Alaska. I prefer to sell everything as a package because I can then afford to offer the new owners the benefits listed above but, if for some reason that doesnít happen by mid April of í23 I will be mining the claims myself this coming year as I know they are still good claims and then Iíll bring the hovercraft back with me for sale in early September 2023 and leave the 2nd hovercraft in Alaska.




Below the picture of the trailer are
three other pictures you can click on to view short movies showing the Hovercraft, Dredge, a clean up and, views of some of the claims.
Videos and pictures are from 2022

16 foot flatbed trailer - 2-9/16 ball - 4 wheel brakes - 7 pin

Click on picture below to see a video showing the dredge and some views of the river and claims
Note: This picture was taken on claim ADL718320
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Video is just over 7 minutes

Click on the picture below to see video showing the Hovercraft and some views of the river ( video is 5.5 minutes)
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Picture shows how we get the HOV on/off the trailer

Click on the picture below to see a short video showing the what I do for clean up ( video is 1.9 minutes)
The picture below is from just one of the cleanups in 2022.
One other note, this video is just to show what I do and does not guarrentee any results.
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